Master Numerology readings can provide an individual with greater insights into their lives, relationships and inner experiences. General numerology readings could be compared to a “personality report”. The mastery of this philosophy instead, can both create and inspire conscious living. After all, a great mystical teaching says, “For all I know, I know nothing if I cannot demonstrate a better life”. Here’s what Alara’s clients have to say about the inner and outer expansion they experienced after receiving a reading from her.

Well-Versed in Her Craft
“Alara is one of those rare mystics who is truly well-versed in her craft. She creates a safe place for
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Name Change
“Recently, I worked with Alara on a name change. I wasn’t planning on doing a full name change (just a
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What I Needed
“I chose Alara based on her background and she gave me what I wanted and needed. She gave me a
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