Numerology Services

According to Pythagoras, numbers are not abstract symbols. Unlike the modern concept of math, numbers signify living energy that is perceived by the senses of the soul. Numerology is simply a philosophy which defines that energy in written form. This is where the phrase “casting a spell” originates from since the specific spelling of names and words create very real energetic results.

Numerical order brings harmony, rhythm, beauty and balance to our world whether we are consciously aware of it doing so or not. This numerical order can be expressed in the cosmos, the elements and natural objects. For this reason Pythagoras believed that the study of numbers cultivated the soul and led to greater awareness of our human experience.There are many ways we can use numerology that goes beyond simply understanding the basics of our own unique number sets. In this manner we can connect to and direct the energy of our lives in a way we have never personally done before. Below is a list of services Alara offers in her numerology sessions.

  • Life Path & Name Readings
  • Academic & Historical Texts Advisory
  • Relationship Compatibility Readings
  • Baby Names & Date of Birth Options
  • Number Sequences & Interpretation
  • Calculated Event Scheduling
  • Stage Names, Pen Names, Band Names, Professional Names, Etc
  • Business Name Options
  • Individual Name Recommendation
  • Address Interpretation
  • Intuitive Tarot Consultations

Ministerial Services

Being an ordained Metaphysical Minister with the International Metaphysical Ministry, Alara offers ministerial services based on the IMM higher consciousness truths. These are universal truths that many of the world’s great religious traditions were founded upon. As the IMM says, “This included the revelation that the highest of all spiritual truth is One, that every religion had something to say according to the degree of spiritual awareness and awakening of its followers”. From this Transpersonal and Transcendent perspective, Alara facilitates the following services.

  • Pastoral Counseling
  • Guided Meditation
  • Marriage Ceremonies

Celebrant Services

A Celebrant is one who conducts and performs religious ceremony. Alara was trained in Family Celebrancy by The Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids (Cairdeas Mor Shaoghal nan Druidh in Gaelic). Alara’s ceremonies are designed around or incorporate Celtic spirituality; which is primarily influenced by nature. In fact, the title Druid, means ‘One with knowledge of the Oak’ or ‘Wise person of the Oak’. This spirituality has close connection with the philosophy of numbers, as the Druids practiced Pythagorean numerology. Alara creates memorable ceremonies that are both a reflection of the people involved and their connection with the natural world.

  • Celtic Blessings
  • Home, Business & Land Blessings
  • Handfasting Ceremonies
  • Naming & Welcoming Ceremonies
  • Rite of Passage & Separation Ceremonies
  • Time of Year & Special Event Ceremonies