About Alara K. Godwin

Alara K. Godwin is a 3rd generation Master Numerologist who specializes in Metaphysical Arithmetic and Sacred Number. As an expert in Pythagorean thought, she has collaborated with researchers across the United States, Canada and Europe; bringing to light the historical perspective, as well as the philosophical application of Number today. Alara hosts workshops in Southern California which break down the myths of modern day Numerology and expands upon it by delving into ancient wisdom; incorporating elements such as the tetractys and more.

In addition to her work as a teacher, Alara is an ordained International Metaphysical Minister and weaves the philosophy of Number and Unity into her work. She has collaborated with California’s top metaphysical businesses including SoulScapes, Sulit Wellness, Mystical Dragon and Harmony Grove, to show how Number can not only lead one to universal truths, but is relevant to the individual’s experience as well. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Philosophy.

Credentials, Associations & Volunteer Summary
Certified Master Numerologist | Psychology of Numbers Today
Metaphysical Minister | International Metaphysical Ministry
Certified in Family Celebrancy | Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids
Co-Founder | Master Numerologist Association of America
Board Certified Reader | Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association
Oneness Deeksha Giver | Sulit Wellness Collective

Businesses Alara Has Collaborated With
Mystical Dragon | Carlsbad, California
Live Enlightened and Free | Carlsbad, California
SoulScape’s Crystal Cave | Encinitas, California
Harmony Grove Spiritualist | Escondido, California
Soul Flow Studio | San Diego, California
Sulit Wellness Collective| San Diego, California
EVE Encinitas | Encinitas, California
Healing Happens | San Marcos, California
Adventure’s Unlimited Press | Kempton, Illinois
PAGODA Gatherings | Salt Lake City, Utah
Lotus | Draper, Utah